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Journal Entry #4: It's been a while since I've done one of these, so let's get caught up to speed. My life has been slowly going to absolute shit, and at the same time it's also slowly being fixed... *Sign*  Where do I even begin... For starter's: About 3 month's ago on December 3rd, 2014 my mother passed away... the cancer got so bad she was breathing on half a lung, and we needed to keep her on a Breathing Machine. By December 2nd I had given up all hope... Me and the many member's of my huge family took her to Hospice where we spent our last hour's with her until she... passed... it's been tough but, I'm still here. But with every bad come's an equal amount of good: Over the duration of these past 3 month's I recieved an Xbox One, over $400 of combined birthbay and allowance money, and a shit ton of Christmas EPICNESS. Along with those and the 2 computer's, the car, the Wii, the insane collection of my mom's music CD's, and the over $1,700 of saving's I inherited from my mom, I'd say the pro's somehow barely overweighed the con's. And although my life will never be the same ever again... I'm glad to know my mother isn't in any more pain.


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I'm not very good with word's so I'll try to keep this short and simple: I'm a normal person just like you, I have my own interest's... my own... taste's, if you will. I'll do whatever there is to do, play whatever there is to play, and see whatever there is to see. I have my secret's just like you, I have my reason's for thing's just like you, and I have my right's just like you. I pretty much just go with the flow.

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